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About Us

Connect Four Productions are a niche consultancy specialising in Convergent Format & Viewer Engagement solutions in TV, specifically the seamless amalgamation of second screen technology, social media, viewer engagement and production editorial. We co-collaborate on conceptualising breakout viewer engagement formats with social TV at the core, enhance existing shows with social media engagement and can manage and deploy all viewer engagement options live in studio, given our vast experience and exposure in live broadcast TV.

In October 2012 Connect Four Productions became official UK partners of Mass Relevance. Their social media engagement and curation platform, heralded from the US., filters social media buzz from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and GetGlue (to name a few). This is an optimum product that offers the best tool set for the broadcast marketplace for social engagement and on screen visualisations which enhance live broadcasts and events, which we feel is the most appropriate creatively and commercially for the broadcast industry.

These visualisations can be deployed live to screen and to the web simultaneously that update in real time, something which streamlines and increase multi platform engagement which can seriously enhance the the live activity of your broadcast and bring audiences closer to the the editorial.

Connect Four Productions, on top of the Mass Relevance platform, can add a bespoke layer of creative enhancement and production empathy on top of this technology creating, managing and deploying unique social and viewer engagement experiences that become synonymous with your broadcast brand.

Please check our case studies to see the types of premium broadcast shows we have worked on creating unique mulit-platform viewer engagement, particularly in Social TV.

We are THE experts in Social and viewer engagement in Broadcast TV

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