Socially Dynamic TV Advertising

We have been pioneering in this space by actively streamlining the industry to create some outstanding Socially Dynamic TV adverts. We act as the glue to bring the Agency, Broadcaster and Technology partners together to ensure all components are considered and delivered effectively for the target audience.
We have gathered the proof points as to why making TV adverts live event destinations rewards all parties involved creatively and commercially  (both on social media and with viewing figures)
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Ed Sheeran Socially dynamic TV advert
Planet Of The Apes Socially dynamic TV advert
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Nescafe Social Dynamic Tv Advert
Years & Years Social Gamification TV advert
Key results –
5% of all the UK viewing public were watching the Ed Sheeran Dynamic TV Ad live when it was broadcast. Moreover, The social mentions on twitter of @Edsheeran continued to be discussed for  nearlyan hour after the TV ad was aired.
Over 400k TV viewers were added over the 3 minutes the Years & Years Dynamic TV Ad was broadcast on Channel 4.
Proof that these ads increase social mentions and viewing figures.