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Instyler Max Rotating Iron TV Spot, 'Lab Study' featuring Richa Shukla
Featuring: Richa Shukla
790 February 24, 2015

The Instyler Max Rotating Iron has taken the beauty world by storm with its innovative design and ea...

InStyler MAX TV Spot, 'El regalo perfecto' featuring Richa Shukla
Featuring: Richa Shukla
1081 December 1, 2015

The InStyler MAX TV Spot titled 'El regalo perfecto' is a captivating advertisement that highlights...

Instyler MAX TV Spot, 'Perfect Holiday Gift' featuring Richa Shukla
Featuring: Richa Shukla
945 November 17, 2014

Introducing the Instyler MAX TV spot, 'Perfect Holiday Gift.' The holiday season is upon us, and wha...


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Richa Shukla tv commercials

Instyler is a company that specializes in hair styling tools and accessories. They offer a range of products designed to help individuals achieve salon-quality results at home. Instyler's products inc...

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Who is Richa Shukla?

Richa Shukla tv commercials

Richa Shukla is a talented commercial actor hailing from India. She has worked on numerous advertisements for leading brands in the country, and her versatility and range have made her a sought after choice for many ad campaigns.

Richa began her acting career in 2012, and quickly gained popularity due to her natural acting abilities and captivating screen presence. Her first major role as a commercial actor came in the form of an advertisement for a leading retail brand, which she executed with perfection.

From there, her career as a commercial actor took off, and she went on to work with several established brands, including a leading automobile manufacturer, a popular fast food chain, and a well-known cosmetics company.

In addition to her talent as a commercial actor, Richa is also known for her professionalism on set. She is diligent about learning her lines and understanding the brand message behind each advertisement she appears in, which allows her to deliver high-quality performances that resonate with audiences.

Despite her success as a commercial actor, Richa is also interested in pursuing roles in film and television. With her natural charisma and passion for acting, there's no doubt that she will continue to capture the hearts of audiences everywhere.

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Instyler MAX

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