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H&R Block Tax Refund Advance TV Spot, 'To the Moon' featuring Tessa Hersh
Featuring: Tessa Hersh
680 January 2, 2019

Title: To the Moon: H&R Block Tax Refund Advance TV SpotIntroduction:In a world where financial stre...

H&R Block TV Spot, 'What's He Doing?' featuring Tessa Hersh
Featuring: Tessa Hersh
697 February 18, 2019

The H&R Block TV Spot titled "What's He Doing?" is a humorous advertisement that showcases the capab...


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Tessa Hersh tv commercials
H&R Block

H&R Block is a tax preparation company based in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Founded by Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955, the company has grown to become one of the largest tax preparation com...

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Tessa Hersh tv commercials
Spark Foundry

Spark Foundry is a global media agency that specializes in data-driven advertising solutions that drive business results. The company has a rich history, having been founded in 2018 as a rebranding of...

Who is Tessa Hersh?

Tessa Hersh tv commercials

Tessa Hersh is a highly acclaimed commercial actor, known for her ability to capture audiences with her natural charm and captivating presence. Tessa has become one of the most recognizable faces in the advertising industry, having starred in countless national television commercials, online ad campaigns, and print ads.

Tessa's rise to fame began when she was discovered by a casting director while performing in a local theater production. With her infectious personality and undeniable talent, Tessa quickly earned a reputation as a rising star in the industry, booking her first major commercial gig shortly thereafter.

Since then, Tessa has worked with some of the biggest brands and agencies in the business, including Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple. Her ability to bring a sense of authenticity and relatability to each role has earned her widespread acclaim, and she has been nominated for several awards recognizing her contributions to the field.

Despite her success, Tessa remains humble and committed to her craft. She often speaks about the importance of staying true to oneself and never compromising one's values for the sake of success. Her dedication to her art and her willingness to push boundaries have made her a beloved figure in the industry and a role model for aspiring actors everywhere.

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H&R Block Refund Advance

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