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Bayer Advanced DuraZone TV Spot, '6 Months of Control' created for BioAdvanced
1189 April 2, 2013

Bayer Advanced DuraZone TV Spot, '6 Months of Control': Are weeds taking over your garden? Is your yard losing its luster?: Introducing Bayer Advanced DuraZone, the ultimate solution for weed control that lasts.: With just one application, DuraZone provides up to six months of control, leaving your...

Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden TV Spot, '6 Months' created for BioAdvanced
811 April 15, 2014

Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden promotes their products in their latest TV spot called '6 Months'. The ad showcases the satisfaction and confidence of the homeowner after using Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden products for their lawn and garden care needs.The commercial begins with an aerial view of the ho...

Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden TV Spot, 'Gary' created for BioAdvanced
656 April 1, 2013

Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden TV Spot, 'Gary' is a commercial that features a man named Gary, who is an avid gardener. The ad begins with Gary in his garden, inspecting his plants and trimming the hedges. He notices that his plants are being attacked by pests and are not looking as healthy as they sh...

Bayer Advanced Season Long Weed Control TV Spot, 'Six Months' created for BioAdvanced
402 March 22, 2017

Bayer Advanced Season Long Weed Control is a top-rated herbicide designed to eliminate weeds for an entire six months. The product has gained immense popularity among gardeners and homeowners across America, thanks to its unique and effective formulation.In the TV spot for Bayer Advanced Season Long...

BioAdvanced 3 in 1 Weed & Feed TV Spot, 'Perfect for Texas Lawns' created for BioAdvanced
778 March 8, 2021

BioAdvanced 3 in 1 Weed & Feed has recently launched a TV spot, targeting Texas lawns. The ad highlights the effectiveness of the product in eliminating weeds and nourishing the grass, resulting in a greener and healthier lawn. The ad opens with a view of a beautiful lawn under the scorching Texas h...

BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Weed & Feed TV Spot, 'Fall' created for BioAdvanced
888 September 23, 2020

BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Weed & Feed's latest TV spot for the Fall season is all about the perfect time to treat your lawn. The commercial features a beautifully-manicured lawn with a voiceover that promotes the benefits of using BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Weed & Feed during the Fall season.The voiceover starts b...

BioAdvanced 5 In 1 Weed & Feed TV Spot, 'Overwhelmed' created for BioAdvanced
425 April 12, 2021

BioAdvanced 5 In 1 Weed & Feed's TV spot titled 'Overwhelmed' highlights the product's effectiveness in combating weeds and nourishing lawns. The ad opens with an overhead shot of a homeowner surrounded by a yard full of tall weeds. The voice-over emphasizes how easily even the most well-maintained...

BioAdvanced 5 In 1 Weed & Feed TV Spot, 'Simplify' created for BioAdvanced
605 April 26, 2021

The BioAdvanced 5 In 1 Weed & Feed TV Spot, 'Simplify' is a commercial that showcases the effectiveness and simplicity of this innovative product. The ad features people of all ages performing various outdoor activities such as gardening, playing catch, and grilling. However, weeds are ruining the o...

BioAdvanced TV Spot, 'Simple Answer' created for BioAdvanced
388 March 26, 2023

Title: BioAdvanced TV Spot - 'Simple Answer': "Gardening can sometimes be challenging, with pests and plant diseases threatening the health of your beloved plants.": "Finding the right solution can be a daunting task, but BioAdvanced has the simple answer you've been searching for.": "Introducing Bi...


Agencies worked with BioAdvanced

BioAdvanced tv commercials
Luckie & Company

Luckie & Company is a full-service advertising agency, with headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. The firm was founded in 1953 by Tom Luckie, and since then, it has been providing advertising services to a wide range of clients across various industries. The company's philosophy is to create meaningful connections between brands and consumers through creativity, innovation, and technology. Over the years, Luckie & Company has earned a reputation f...


Actors who starred in BioAdvanced commercials

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What kind of company is BioAdvanced?

BioAdvanced tv commercials

BioAdvanced is a company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for home and garden care. With a focus on developing effective and reliable products, BioAdvanced aims to help consumers achieve and maintain healthy and beautiful lawns, gardens, and homes.

Product Range and Expertise

BioAdvanced offers a wide range of products that cater to various needs in home and garden care. Their product portfolio includes weed and feed formulas, insect control solutions, fungicides, pest control sprays, and more. These products are designed to address common issues faced by homeowners and garden enthusiasts, such as weed control, pest infestations, lawn diseases, and plant health.

The company has a strong emphasis on research and development, continuously striving to improve and optimize its formulations to deliver superior results. Through their expertise in plant science and pest management, BioAdvanced develops innovative solutions that are effective, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.

Customer Satisfaction

BioAdvanced is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. They encourage customers to provide feedback and reviews, which not only helps the company understand their customers' needs but also allows them to continuously improve their products.

Customers can leave reviews on various platforms, including the BioAdvanced website and online retailers like Amazon. These reviews provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and performance of BioAdvanced products, helping potential customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Environmental Stewardship

BioAdvanced recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship and strives to minimize the environmental impact of their products. They are dedicated to developing solutions that are effective in pest and weed control, while also being safe for use around children, pets, and the environment.

The company adheres to strict safety and environmental regulations, ensuring that their products are formulated and manufactured responsibly. Additionally, BioAdvanced actively promotes sustainable gardening practices and educates consumers on the importance of conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.


BioAdvanced is a reputable company that offers a wide range of solutions for home and garden care. With their expertise in plant science and pest management, they develop innovative and effective products that help homeowners achieve healthy and beautiful lawns, gardens, and homes. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental stewardship, and continuous improvement sets them apart in the industry.

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Products Advertised by BioAdvanced

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BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Weed & Feed for Southern Lawns
BioAdvanced 5 in 1 Weed & Feed
BioAdvanced All in One Rose & Flower Care Granules
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BioAdvanced Season Long Weed Control
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