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Colgate Total Pro-Shield Mouthwash TV Spot, 'No Burn'
Created with the participation of 1985
496 September 10, 2018

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1985 tv commercials

Colgate-Palmolive is a global consumer products company that specializes in producing and distributing a wide range of household, healthcare, and personal care products. The company is known for its o...


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1985 tv commercials

In the year 1985, many companies were thriving, and innovation and success were widespread. One such company that stands out from the rest is Microsoft. Founded in 1975, the tech giant had already been around for a decade, but it was in 1985 that Microsoft truly took off.

The company had a knack for developing software that changed the way people used computers. Its flagship product, MS-DOS, had been the dominant operating system for personal computers since its release in 1981. In 1985, they released Windows 1.0, an extension of MS-DOS that introduced a graphical user interface and allowed for easier navigation.

Another company that was making waves in 1985 was Coca-Cola. The beverage company had been around for nearly a century and was a household name. However, that same year, they made a controversial move that would eventually become known as "New Coke."

In an effort to compete with their main rival, Pepsi, Coca-Cola shifted its formula and launched "New Coke." The decision was met with widespread backlash and resulted in the company eventually reverting back to its original formula, now known as "Coca-Cola Classic."

1985 was a year of change and innovation for many companies, and Microsoft and Coca-Cola were just a few of the ones leading the charge. Their successes and mishaps helped shape the landscape of business and industry for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions about 1985

The Companies Act 1985 (c. 6) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, enacted in 1985, which enabled companies to be formed by registration, and set out the responsibilities of companies, their directors and secretaries.

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E+W+S. (1)It is the duty of every director who is by the company's articles required to hold a specified share qualification, and who is not already qualified, to obtain his qualification within 2 months after his appointment, or such shorter time as may be fixed by the articles.

30 Exemption from requirement of “limited” as part of the name. E+W+S. (1)Certain companies are exempt from requirements of this Act relating to the use of “limited” as part of the company name.

(1)A member of a company may apply to the court by petition for an order under this Part on the ground that the company's affairs are being or have been conducted in a manner which is unfairly prejudicial to the interests of some part of the members (including at least himself) or that any actual or proposed act or ...

(4)A document signed by a director and the secretary of a company, or by two directors of a company, and expressed (in whatever form of words) to be executed by the company has the same effect as if executed under the common seal of the company.

Robert Ballard found the Titanic wreckage in 1985.

Nintendo releases the NES in North American markets during October. The popular film "The Color Purple" premieres. Michael Jordan is named as the NBA's "Rookie of the Year." Operation Moses a secret operation by Israel to airlift thousands of Jewish Ethiopian refugees out of Sudan.

A minimum of one director is required to register a company. There is no statutory limit to the number of directors a company appoints during or after incorporation, but there must always be at least one natural (human) company director. A single person can be the sole director and shareholder of a company.

Section 2(34) of the Companies Act, 2013 defines directors. A director is a person appointed to the board of a company. In case of a one person company, there shall be at least one director. Every public company shall have three directors and every private company shall have two directors appointed to it.

28Change of name the Secretary of State may within 12 months of that time, in writing, direct the company to change its name within such period as he may specify. Section 26(3) applies in determining under this subsection whether a name is the same as or too like another.

35Company's capacity: power of directors to bind it (2)A party to a transaction so decided on is not bound to enquire as to the capacity of the company to enter into it or as to any such limitation on the powers of the directors, and is presumed to have acted in good faith unless the contrary is proved.


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Colgate Total Pro-Shield Mouthwash

Colgate Total Pro-Shield Mouthwash is a popular oral care product that offers multiple benefits for...


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