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Advertisers of the Lowe's TV Spot, 'Multi-Porpoise'

Lowes TV commercial - Multi-Porpoise

Overview of Lowe's Company Lowe's is an American retail company that specializes in home improvement products. The company was founded in 1946 in North Carolina, and has since grown to become one of t...

What the Lowes TV commercial - Multi-Porpoise is about.

Lowes TV commercial - Multi-Porpoise

Lowe's, the popular home improvement retail store chain, has recently released a new TV spot titled 'Multi-Porpoise' that showcases their ability to cater to a diverse range of customer needs. The 30-second commercial features different people shopping for various items at Lowe's, highlighting their unique and specific tasks at hand.

The ad opens with a woman looking for garden supplies, expressing her desire to grow her own vegetables. The scene then switches to a family browsing for paint, with the father stating his plans to repaint the kids' room. Next up is a handyman searching for tools to tackle a home renovation project, followed by a couple selecting lighting fixtures for their new home.

The ad's narrator emphasizes Lowe's wide selection of affordable and high-quality products, coupled with knowledgeable staff who are always available to help customers find exactly what they need. Additionally, the commercial highlights Lowe's commitment to making home improvement accessible and feasible for everyone, regardless of their project's size and budget.

Overall, Lowe's 'Multi-Porpoise' TV spot is an effective display of their versatility and reliability in providing efficient solutions for all kinds of home improvement needs. By showcasing real-life scenarios and relatable customers, they successfully convey their emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity, positioning themselves as the go-to destination for all things home improvement.

Lowes TV commercial - Multi-Porpoise produced for Lowe's was first shown on television on September 5, 2016.

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A few highlights: NFL players Christian McCaffrey, Dak Prescott and Travis Kelce star in the latest from Lowe's. Kelce also appears, along with his brother Jason, in a Campbell's Chunky commercial.

Jonathan Anderson LOEWE is one of the world's major luxury houses, founded in 1846 in Spain, and today under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson.

A Lowe's employee resigned after a viral TikTok showed him struggling to retrieve a large box. That TikTok, which has 3.7 million views, shows the employee screaming for help. Lowe's said it took "prompt action" following the TikTok video, but did not elaborate.

Josh Shabtai Sr. Josh Shabtai Sr. Director | Ecosystem, Lowe's Innovation Labs at Lowe's Companies, Inc.

Marvin Ellison Every organization needs a strong foundation. That's why we're proud of our exceptional executive and senior leadership team. Led by Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Marvin Ellison, this team works for our associates, customers and communities.

Lowe's has rehired a Georgia employee who had been fired by the home improvement chain after she attempted to stop shoplifters, getting a black eye in the process. Her firing sparked a social media backlash against the company, with hundreds of Facebook users posting criticisms.

A Lowe's employee resigned after a viral TikTok showed him struggling to retrieve a large box. That TikTok, which has 3.7 million views, shows the employee screaming for help. Lowe's said it took "prompt action" following the TikTok video, but did not elaborate.

Formulates effective new ideas and innovative strategies for process improvement across the organization. Proactively addresses operational issues and collaborates with team members to solve problems quickly and thoughtfully.

Lowe's's Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer is Marvin R. Ellison. Lowe's's key executives include Marvin R. Ellison and 41 others.

​Effective boards require effective leadership. Part of effective leadership is having well-defined leadership roles. The most common positions are the chairperson, Vice chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

Board of Directors

  • Raul Alvarez. Director Since: 2010. Read Bio.
  • David H. Batchelder. Director Since: 2018.
  • Scott H. Baxter. Director Since: 2022.
  • SANDRA B. COCHRAN. Director Since: 2016.
  • Laurie Z. Douglas. Director Since: 2015.
  • RICHARD W. DREILING. Director Since: 2012.
  • MARVIN R. ELLISON. Director Since: 2018.

While the company flourished in the springtime as consumers made way through home improvement projects, Lowes is expecting DIY discretionary spending to slow down for the second half of the year. This is the result of people enjoying their summer and fall/winter weather getting in the way of new projects.


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Lowes TV commercial - Multi-Porpoise

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Lowes TV commercial - Multi-Porpoise

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