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Brigitte Gabriel
660 September 8, 2018

Brigitte Gabriel's "Rise" TV spot is a powerful and inspiring advertisement that calls on Americans to stand up and defend our country against the constant threats posed by radical Islamic terrorism. The ad features Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian who grew up in war-torn Lebanon and narrowly escaped d...

Jonathan Cahn
793 September 4, 2016

Jonathan Cahn is a well-known author and Bible teacher who is best known for his works on prophecy, including the New York Times bestselling book, "The Harbinger." Recently, he has also released a new book called "The Book of Mysteries," which takes readers on a 365-day journey of discovery and wond...

Jonathan Cahn
1105 September 9, 2020

Title: Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger II: The Return" - A Gripping TV Spot: In a world teetering on the edge of uncertainty, one man holds the key to unlocking the truth.: Experience the sequel to the groundbreaking bestseller that captivated millions. Brace yourself for "The Harbinger II: The Retur...

Jonathan Cahn
467 October 19, 2014

Jonathan Cahn is a well-known author and speaker, known for his works that blend biblical prophecy and current events. One of his most popular books is "The Mystery of the Shemitah," which explores the biblical concept of the Shemitah cycle and its relevance to the world today.In a TV spot titled "W...

Jonathan Cahn
413 September 19, 2019

Title: Unveiling "The Oracle": Jonathan Cahn's Captivating TV SpotIntroduction:Jonathan Cahn, a renowned author, speaker, and pastor, has a unique ability to weave together historical events, biblical prophecies, and modern realities. His latest book, "The Oracle," has been making waves in the liter...

Jonathan Cahn
986 September 24, 2017

Jonathan Cahn's "The Paradigm" is a profound exploration of history and its impact on modern times. The TV spot for this book is a visual and audio experience that captivates the audience from the very beginning. The video starts with an image of the book's cover, featuring the subtitle "The Ancient...

Jonathan Cahn
461 September 27, 2022

Title: Jonathan Cahn's "The Return of the Gods" TV Spot: In a world on the brink of chaos, where ancient prophecies collide with modern reality, one man stands as a beacon of hope.[Cut to a close-up shot of Jonathan Cahn, a charismatic figure with a commanding presence, standing in front of an audie...

Michael Youssef
888 September 15, 2021

Michael Youssef's "Hope for This Present Crisis: The Seven-Step Path to Restoring" is an inspiring TV spot that provides a roadmap for restoring hope during tough times. The TV spot, which was designed to promote Michael Youssef's latest book, highlights the seven practical steps that anyone can tak...

Stephen E. Strang
475 December 6, 2018

Title: "Trump Aftershock: Unveiling the Stephen E. Strang TV Spot"Introduction:In this captivating TV spot, Stephen E. Strang, acclaimed author, journalist, and founder of Charisma House, takes center stage. As an influential figure in Christian media and conservative circles, Strang aims to captiva...

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn TV Spot created for Frontline Publishers
1024 September 10, 2012

Title: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn TV Spot: Unveiling the Mysteries of America's Future[Upbeat music begins][Scene opens to a picturesque American town]Narrator: In a nation filled with wonder and uncertainty, one man has emerged to decipher the secrets of America's destiny.[Cut to a close-up sho...


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OMD (Optimum Media Direction) is a global media agency with a presence in over 100 countries. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in London, UK. OMD offers a wide range of services, including media planning and buying, digital marketing, content creation, research and analytics, and more. OMD has a strong reputation for its innovative and dynamic approach to media planning and buying, and has won numerous awards for its work. In...


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Frontline Publishers Jonathan Cahn
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Frontline Publishers Jonathan Cahn
Frontline Publishers Jonathan Cahn
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