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Advertisers of the 1-800 Contacts TV Spot, 'Bad Habit'

1-800 Contacts TV commercial - Bad Habit
1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts is a leading American contact lens retailer that specializes in providing hassle-free and convenient ways for customers to purchase contact lenses. Its headquarters are located in Drape...

What the 1-800 Contacts TV commercial - Bad Habit is about.

1-800 Contacts TV commercial - Bad Habit

Title: 1-800 Contacts TV Spot, 'Bad Habit'

Introduction:In this captivating and witty television commercial, titled "Bad Habit," for 1-800 Contacts, we witness a relatable scenario where a young woman struggles with the all-too-common problem of poor contact lens hygiene. The commercial effectively highlights the convenience and reliability that 1-800 Contacts provides, while injecting humor into an otherwise mundane aspect of everyday life. With its clever script and engaging storytelling, "Bad Habit" captures the attention of viewers and leaves a lasting impression.

Scene 1: Morning RushThe commercial opens with a busy morning scene inside a tidy bedroom. As the alarm clock blares, our protagonist, Jane, groggily reaches for her glasses on the bedside table but accidentally knocks them onto the floor. Frustrated, she glances at her contact lens case sitting next to the glasses, reluctantly reaching for it instead. This sets the tone for the imperfect morning routine she's about to embark on.

Scene 2: Struggles in the BathroomIn the bathroom, Jane fumbles with her contact lens solution, dropping the cap and nearly knocking over the entire bottle. She manages to salvage some solution to wet the lens, but as she attempts to put it in her eye, she suddenly sneezes, causing the lens to fly out of her hand. Jane's exasperated expression shows that she's no stranger to these familiar mishaps.

Scene 3: A Hilarious InterludeCut to a comical moment where Jane's fluffy pet cat, Whiskers, scampers into the bathroom and playfully bats the lens across the floor like a tiny hockey player. Jane, in her pajamas, chases after the lens, slipping and sliding in an exaggerated manner, much to the amusement of viewers. It's a lighthearted moment that reinforces the ongoing theme of contact lens woes.

Scene 4: Jane's RevelationAs Jane finally manages to retrieve the lens and clean it once more, she gazes at the bottle of contact lens solution with a mixture of frustration and realization. A light bulb seems to go off above her head as she exclaims, "Enough is enough!"

Scene 5: A Solution with 1-800 ContactsThe commercial takes a more serious tone as Jane discovers the solution to her contact lens struggles. With a quick cut to her sitting at a computer, Jane types in the web address for 1-800 Contacts. The screen transitions to a seamless ordering process

1-800 Contacts TV commercial - Bad Habit produced for 1-800 Contacts was first shown on television on January 13, 2015.


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1-800 Contacts TV commercial - Bad Habit
Duncan Channon

Duncan Channon is an award-winning advertising agency based in San Francisco, California. The agency is known for its unique approach to advertising, which includes integrated campaign design and dist...

1-800 Contacts TV commercial - Bad Habit
Rain the Growth Agency

Rain the Growth Agency is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in helping brands grow faster than their competition. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in New York City...

1-800 Contacts TV commercial - Bad Habit

TRG is a company that appears to have various areas of focus based on the search results. One of the main areas of focus for TRG appears to be management, as evidenced by its name, TRG Management Comp...


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