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Advertisers of the Apoquel TV Spot, 'Allergic Itch'

Apoquel TV commercial - Allergic Itch

Apoquel is a brand name for the medication oclacitinib, which is widely used in veterinary medicine to control itching and inflammation in dogs. It is manufactured by Zoetis, a leading global animal h...

What the Apoquel TV commercial - Allergic Itch is about.

Apoquel TV commercial - Allergic Itch

Apoquel is a medication that is designed to treat dogs with allergic itch, and its effectiveness is showcased in a TV spot that focuses on the frustrations that both dogs and their owners experience when dealing with allergies. The Apoquel TV Spot 'Allergic Itch' is a heart-warming and informative commercial that tells the story of a distressed dog and a caregiver who is frustrated with their attempts to resolve their pet's itchy skin.

The advertisement begins with a dog scratching and biting at its skin. The dog's owner appears to be at a loss, and she is seen trying different remedies to help ease the dog's itch - from bathing him with special shampoo to administering antihistamines - but nothing seems to work. The owner is visibly upset, and one can sense her desperation as she struggles with sadness and frustration.

The ad then introduces Apoquel, presenting it as a solution to the suffering of dogs with allergic itch. The medication is highlighted as a fast-acting and reliable treatment for soothing itchiness. We then see the dog in the commercial, happily and peacefully going about his daily routines, with no signs of discomfort caused by the allergies.

In the final moments of the commercial, the dog's owner expresses her relief and joy at seeing her pet no longer suffering from the unbearable itchiness caused by allergic reactions. The dog's gratitude and contentment are visible, and one can feel the bond between the dog and his caregiver that was strengthened through Apoquel's relief of his pain.

Overall, the Apoquel TV Spot 'Allergic Itch' is an informative and touching advertisement that highlights the effectiveness of Apoquel in treating allergic itch in dogs. Through the commercial, the audience understands the misery that allergies can bring to dogs and their owners and the hope and joy that can be instilled when a reliable treatment like Apoquel is available.

Apoquel TV commercial - Allergic Itch produced for Apoquel was first shown on television on April 8, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions about apoquel tv spot, 'allergic itch'

Apoquel may minimize the symptoms associated with allergic or atopic dermatitis. If Apoquel works for your dog, symptoms should subside as long as he's on the drug. Unfortunately, if and when you stop giving Apoquel to your dog, his itchiness and inflammation will return.

If you are giving the tablet every day and your dog is still itchy, then phone your vet to discuss because sometimes this means there may be something else which needs treating such as a bacterial or yeast infection.

Short courses of Apoquel can help reduce allergic itch associated with conditions such as hot spots or ear infections, whilst these are being treated. Apoquel is safe2-4 without many of the side effects associated with steroids.

Natural Alternatives to Apoquel for Dog Allergies Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil : Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD Oil) is an ideal choice for dog allergies because it reduces inflammation, regulates the immune system, and supports the gut, which houses 70% to 80% of the immune system.

within 4 hours Apoquel is a fast-acting medication and is known to take effect within 4 hours and completely control your dog's allergic itch within 24 hours. This is good news for healing and relief, both immediate and future. A unique characteristic of Apoquel is that it's not a steroid-based medication.

Most commonly, veterinarians recommend that dogs starting Apoquel take it twice daily for 14 days. Your vet may then slowly decrease the dosage for long-term use. The goal is to keep your dog on the lowest effective dose. Many dogs take the medication for the rest of their lives.

If Apoquel is not controlling the itching within a week, then there is no point in continuing to administer it. *Infections. Itching often persists despite Apoquel if pyoderma or yeast dermatitis is present. Clinicians should be sure to perform surface cytology to check for the presence of infections.

For dogs with underlying allergies, antihistamines don't control the cytokines (signaling proteins) that cause inflammation and itch.

A few dog-friendly home treatments:

  • Calendula lotion.
  • Apple cider vinegar (diluted)
  • Hydrocortisone ointment.
  • Mullein oil.
  • Antihistamines.

Apoquel is often prescribed by veterinarians for treating allergies in dogs because it tends to have milder side effects compared to steroids and immunosuppressive drugs like prednisone and cyclosporine. It can start working to reduce itching in as little as four to 24 hours.

Cytopoint contains antibodies that neutralize the proteins in your dog's body that cause itching, so it's not technically a drug, making it a potentially safer Apoquel alternative. Unfortunately, this treatment doesn't work for every dog, only helping in about 75% of cases.


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Apoquel TV commercial - Allergic Itch
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