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1800 Cristalino Tequila TV Spot, 'Barbershop' Featuring Ozuna created for 1800 Tequila
420 May 2, 2023

Title: Barbershop Vibes: Ozuna Shines in the 1800 Cristalino Tequila TV SpotIntroduction:In a mesmerizing display of artistry, the 1800 Cristalino Tequila TV spot titled 'Barbershop' transports viewers to a vibrant barbershop with a stylish twist. Featuring the incredible talent of Latin superstar O...

1800 Cristalino Tequila TV Spot, 'Courtside Seats' Featuring Carmelo Anthony created for 1800 Tequila
1116 May 8, 2023

The 1800 Cristalino Tequila TV spot 'Courtside Seats' featuring NBA star Carmelo Anthony is a dynamic and exhilarating advertisement that captures the spirit of competition, the excitement of sports, and the elegance of premium tequila.The commercial opens with Carmelo Anthony striding confidently t...

1800 Cristalino Tequila TV Spot, 'Grandes momentos' con Kali Uchis, canción de DJ Taurus created for 1800 Tequila
639 June 28, 2021

Title: Grandes Momentos: The 1800 Cristalino Tequila ExperienceIntroduction:Step into a world of elegance, passion, and vibrant energy with the 1800 Cristalino Tequila TV spot, 'Grandes momentos'. This memorable television ad features the talented Kali Uchis, accompanied by the captivating beats of...

1800 Cristalino Tequila TV Spot, 'Moments Worth Reaching' Song by DJ Taurus created for 1800 Tequila
494 June 28, 2021

The 1800 Cristalino Tequila recently released a new TV spot titled 'Moments Worth Reaching', which features a catchy song by DJ Taurus. The commercial is all about celebrating those unforgettable moments in life and how they are truly worth reaching for. The ad opens up with a group of friends enjoy...

1800 Tequila Silver TV Spot, 'Kick Back' Featuring Michael Imperioli created for 1800 Tequila
380 March 5, 2013

The 1800 Tequila Silver TV spot entitled 'Kick Back' Featuring Michael Imperioli is an enticing and exciting commercial that showcases the fun and relaxed atmosphere associated with drinking 1800 Tequila Silver.The commercial starts with Michael Imperioli walking into a backyard party, where he is g...

1800 Tequila Silver TV Spot, 'Kid Drinks' Featuring Ray Liotta created for 1800 Tequila
1125 October 28, 2013

The 1800 Tequila Silver TV Spot, 'Kid Drinks' Featuring Ray Liotta is a memorable and engaging advertisement that showcases the smooth and sophisticated taste of 1800 Tequila Silver. The ad opens with legendary actor Ray Liotta sitting at a bar, sipping on a glass of 1800 Tequila Silver. As he savor...

1800 Tequila Silver TV Spot, 'Self-Pouring Shot' Feat. Michael Imperioli created for 1800 Tequila
569 March 4, 2013

Title: 1800 Tequila Silver TV Spot: 'Self-Pouring Shot' Feat. Michael ImperioliIntroduction:The 1800 Tequila Silver TV spot titled 'Self-Pouring Shot' showcases the brilliant talent of actor Michael Imperioli in a captivating narrative. This thrilling commercial takes viewers on a journey where the...

1800 Tequila Silver TV Spot, 'Traffic Jam' Featuring Ray Liotta created for 1800 Tequila
504 March 6, 2014

The 1800 Tequila Silver TV spot titled 'Traffic Jam' features acclaimed Hollywood actor Ray Liotta in an entertaining and captivating advertisement. The commercial, which first aired in 2016, quickly became a popular topic among consumers and marketing professionals alike due to its humorous yet thr...

1800 Tequila TV Spot, '1800 Seconds: The Commercial' Featuring Pusha-T created for 1800 Tequila
760 December 24, 2018

The 1800 Tequila TV Spot, '1800 Seconds: The Commercial' Featuring Pusha-T, is a bold and dynamic advertisement that showcases the power of collaboration. The commercial is part of 1800 Tequila's '1800 Seconds' campaign, which provides a platform for emerging artists in the music industry. The ad fe...

1800 Tequila TV Spot, 'Hacer el mejor sabor en tequila' created for 1800 Tequila
1130 November 24, 2020

En el comercial de televisión de 1800 Tequila, titulado 'Hacer el mejor sabor en tequila', se muestra el proceso de creación de la marca y cómo han perfeccionado su sabor. El anuncio comienza mostrando el agave, la planta de la que se obtiene el tequila, y continúa destacando la importancia del proc...

1800 Tequila TV Spot, 'Hands' Song by Octave Minds, Chance the Rapper created for 1800 Tequila
1042 March 30, 2017

Title: 1800 Tequila TV Spot: Uniting Hands with the Rhythm of Octave Minds and Chance the RapperIntroduction:Step into a world where rhythm, passion, and unity collide. In the 1800 Tequila TV spot titled 'Hands,' a captivating song by Octave Minds featuring the soulful voice of Chance the Rapper ser...

1800 Tequila TV Spot, 'Jump' Song by Raven & Kreyn created for 1800 Tequila
1107 November 25, 2019

Title: 1800 Tequila TV Spot: "Jump" Introduction:The 1800 Tequila TV spot titled "Jump" is a sensory delight that brings together exceptional visual storytelling and an energetic soundtrack by Raven & Kreyn. This advertisement provides a captivating and exhilarating experience, inviting viewers to e...

1800 Tequila TV Spot, 'Making the Best Taste in Tequila' created for 1800 Tequila
841 May 25, 2020

The 1800 Tequila TV spot, 'Making the Best Taste in Tequila,' is a stunning visual journey through the history and craft of 1800 Tequila. The commercial opens with a panoramic shot of a vast agave field in Jalisco, Mexico, where the 1800 Tequila production process begins.Viewers are then taken insid...

1800 Tequila TV Spot, 'Men of Discovery' created for 1800 Tequila
719 April 16, 2014

The 'Men of Discovery' television spot for 1800 Tequila is a captivating and inspiring advertisement that celebrates the adventurous spirit of humanity. The commercials take viewers on a journey through time to explore some of the most significant discoveries made by men throughout history.The ad fe...

1800 Tequila TV Spot, 'Sabe a victoria' created for 1800 Tequila
461 June 23, 2021

The 1800 Tequila TV Spot, 'Sabe a victoria', is a brand commercial for the popular tequila brand, which aired in 2019. The ad is set in a small Mexican village featuring a group of cowboys who are celebrating a rodeo victory by drinking 1800 Tequila. As the celebration continues, the cowboys start t...

1800 Tequila TV Spot, 'Tastes Like Victory' created for 1800 Tequila
567 November 29, 2022

Title: Tastes Like Victory: 1800 Tequila's Unforgettable TV SpotIntroduction:In the competitive world of advertising, brands are constantly striving to create memorable and captivating television commercials that leave a lasting impression on viewers. One such example is the 1800 Tequila TV spot tit...


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1800 Tequila tv commercials

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1800 Tequila tv commercials
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1800 Tequila tv commercials

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1800 Tequila tv commercials

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Actors who starred in 1800 Tequila commercials

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What kind of company is 1800 Tequila?

1800 Tequila tv commercials

1800 Tequila is a renowned tequila brand that has gained immense popularity and acclaim in the spirits industry. With a rich history and a commitment to quality, 1800 Tequila has become a staple in bars and homes around the world.

The story of 1800 Tequila began in 1800 when the brand's founder, José Antonio de Cuervo, cultivated his first blue agave plants in an effort to create a truly exceptional tequila. Dedicated to perfection, Cuervo and his descendants pioneered innovative techniques that elevated the production process and set 1800 Tequila apart from others.

One of the key aspects that distinguishes 1800 Tequila is its oak barrel aging process. The tequila is aged in French and American oak barrels for extended periods, allowing the flavors to develop and mature. This meticulous process results in a smooth, complex, and refined tequila that captivates the senses.

The brand's commitment to quality is further strengthened by its use of handpicked agave plants. Only the finest blue agave, grown in the rich volcanic soil of Jalisco, Mexico, is selected for production. This attention to detail ensures that every bottle of 1800 Tequila is crafted with the utmost care and precision.

1800 Tequila offers a diverse range of tequila expressions to cater to different palates. From the classic Silver Tequila, with its crisp and lively flavor profile, to the Añejo Tequila, which boasts a deep, rich character with hints of vanilla and caramel, the brand has something for every tequila lover.

Beyond its exceptional product offerings, 1800 Tequila has also made a name for itself through its innovative marketing campaigns and collaborations. The brand has partnered with renowned artists and designers to create limited-edition bottles and captivating visuals that showcase the spirit of creativity and authenticity.

As a company, 1800 Tequila has embraced sustainability and social responsibility. They have implemented eco-friendly practices in their production facilities and support local communities through various initiatives. This commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement has only further solidified their reputation as a leader in the spirits industry.

In summary, 1800 Tequila is a brand that embodies excellence, craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality. From its rich history to its innovative approach, the company continues to push the boundaries of what tequila can be. With every sip, 1800 Tequila offers a taste of the passion and dedication that sets them apart.

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Products Advertised by 1800 Tequila

1800 Tequila Añejo
1800 Tequila Blanco
1800 Tequila Coconut
1800 Tequila Cristalino
1800 Tequila Reposado
1800 Tequila Silver

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