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SmartNews TV Spot, 'First Time for Everything' created for SmartNews
674 September 10, 2018

The SmartNews TV Spot titled 'First Time for Everything' captures the essence of discovering news that one has never come across before. The ad begins portraying various people performing some activity for the first time in their life, whether it is tasting new cuisine, visiting new countries, or me...

SmartNews TV Spot, 'Grandma's Favorite' created for SmartNews
865 January 4, 2019

Title: Grandma's Favorite - SmartNews TV SpotIntroduction:In this captivating SmartNews TV spot, titled 'Grandma's Favorite,' we are introduced to the wonderful world of digital news and the heartwarming bond between a tech-savvy grandma and her tech-challenged grandson. With a mix of humor, love, a...

SmartNews TV Spot, 'Important Stff Happening' created for SmartNews
792 April 18, 2021

The SmartNews TV spot titled 'Important Stuff Happening' is a compelling and engaging advertisement that highlights the app's ability to help users stay up-to-date with the latest news and important events from around the world. The ad opens with a series of quick shots that depict major news events...

SmartNews TV Spot, 'Local Text' created for SmartNews
793 August 10, 2019

Title: SmartNews TV Spot: 'Local Text' - Stay Connected to Your Community: In a world where news is constantly evolving, staying connected to your community has never been more important.: Introducing SmartNews: The revolutionary news app that keeps you in the loop, wherever you are.: We believe tha...

SmartNews TV Spot, 'More Than One Source' created for SmartNews
990 January 15, 2020

SmartNews is a news aggregation app that aims to provide readers with a diverse range of perspectives on current events. In their TV Spot, "More Than One Source," SmartNews emphasizes their commitment to delivering news from multiple sources, giving viewers a more comprehensive understanding of the...

SmartNews TV Spot, 'News From All Sides' created for SmartNews
948 January 7, 2019

In this exhilarating and captivating SmartNews TV spot, titled 'News From All Sides,' viewers are taken on a thrilling journey through the world of information and news. With its unique approach to journalism, SmartNews brings a fresh perspective to the way we consume news.The TV spot begins with a...

SmartNews TV Spot, 'Noticias de todos los ángulos' created for SmartNews
949 April 10, 2019

SmartNews es una aplicación de noticias que está revolucionando la forma en que las personas descubren y consumen información relevante. Su reciente anuncio llamado "Noticias de todos los ángulos" captura a la perfección la esencia de la plataforma.El anuncio comienza con una vista aérea de una ciud...

SmartNews TV Spot, 'Off to Work' created for SmartNews
1149 July 19, 2021

Title: SmartNews TV Spot - 'Off to Work'Introduction:In this captivating SmartNews TV spot titled 'Off to Work,' viewers are transported into the fast-paced world of a young professional preparing for another day at the office. The advertisement showcases how SmartNews, the popular news app, enriche...


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What kind of company is SmartNews?

SmartNews tv commercials

SmartNews is a global leader in information and news discovery. The company was founded in 2012 by Ken Suzuki and Kaisei Hamamoto with the mission of delivering high-quality information to people who need it. SmartNews entered the U.S. market in 2014 and has since become a popular news app, with over 50 million readers in 150+ countries.

Founders and LeadershipKen Suzuki is the CEO and co-founder of SmartNews. He is responsible for the vision and strategy of the company. Ken graduated from the Department of Physics at Keio University in 1998 and received a Ph.D in Complex Systems and Artificial Life from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at The University of Tokyo in 2009. He has also authored several published works.

Kaisei Hamamoto is the COO, Chief Engineer , and co-founder of SmartNews. He is interested in aggregating massive amounts of information from the Internet and transforming them into effective formats for users.

SmartView Format and Publisher-Friendly ModelSmartNews has a unique publisher-friendly model called SmartView First. This program helps publishers reach, retain, and monetize new mobile audiences. SmartView is an instantly loading, mobile-friendly format that is available to users even when they are offline. Articles in the SmartView format are native to the SmartNews app and typically drive higher engagement. Users spend less time waiting for content to load and more time reading deeper into stories. SmartNews algorithm rewards high-quality engagement , which leads to more story visibility and exposure to a wider user base.

Company Size and CareersSmartNews has over 200 employees in Japan and the U.S. The company is continuously growing and offers open positions in the U.S. for those interested in joining their team. SmartNews values innovation and the power of technology to deliver relevant and high-quality news to its users.

In summary, SmartNews is a global news and information discovery company founded in 2012. It offers a unique publisher-friendly model with the SmartView format and prioritizes delivering high-quality news to its users. With millions of readers worldwide, SmartNews continues to expand its reach and impact in the world of news and information.

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