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Progressive Auto TV Spot, 'Safe Driver Trophy' created for Progressive
1007 March 9, 2023

The Progressive Auto TV Spot, 'Safe Driver Trophy' is an advertisement that showcases the company's commitment to safe driving. The advert starts with a shot of a man, driving a car with his wife and two daughters. Suddenly, the man realizes that he forgot his wallet and turns the car around to go g...

Progressive Direct TV Spot, 'After School Special' created for Progressive
625 January 1, 2015

Title: Progressive Direct TV Spot: 'After School Special'Introduction:The Progressive Direct TV Spot titled 'After School Special' takes viewers on a hilarious journey that showcases the imaginative and creative storytelling style of the insurance provider. Bursting with vibrant energy, wit, and a t...

Progressive Home Quote Explorer TV Spot, 'The Upper Hands' created for Progressive
346 August 31, 2020

The Progressive Home Quote Explorer TV Spot titled 'The Upper Hands' starts with a couple sitting on their front porch, discussing their home insurance situation with an insurance agent from Progressive. As the agent explains how easy it is to get a customized quote for their home insurance, the cou...

Progressive HomeQuote Explorer TV Spot, 'Heightened Security' created for Progressive
653 June 11, 2017

Title: Heightened Security: Progressive HomeQuote Explorer TV SpotIntroduction:The Progressive HomeQuote Explorer TV spot titled "Heightened Security" takes viewers on a thrilling journey inside a technologically advanced home security system. This innovative advertisement showcases the capabilities...

Progressive Insurance TV Spot, 'Box of Love' created for Progressive
917 February 22, 2015

Title: "Box of Love: A Heartwarming Tale of Protection and Connection"In the heart of a vibrant suburban neighborhood, a warm and inviting home emanates a sense of love and togetherness. In this cheerful abode, we meet a bright-eyed young girl named Lily and her lovable dog, Max. They are the protag...

Progressive Mobile App TV Spot, 'Carnie' Featuring Carnie Wilson created for Progressive
494 June 19, 2015

Progressive Mobile App recently released a TV spot titled 'Carnie' featuring the popular musician, television host, and actress Carnie Wilson. The commercial opens with Carnie inviting viewers to download the Progressive Mobile App, which allows customers to manage their coverage, file claims, and g...

Progressive Mobile TV Spot, Song Wang Chung created for Progressive
572 October 24, 2012

Title: Unleash the Power of Progress with Progressive's Mobile TV Spot Featuring the Iconic Song by Wang ChungIntroduction:Progressive Insurance has long been synonymous with innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions to insurance needs. In their latest mobile TV spot, Progressive takes their commi...

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance TV Spot, 'Arcade' created for Progressive
305 April 2, 2017

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance’s TV Spot ‘Arcade’ is a creative and engaging marketing campaign that showcases the company’s unique approach to insurance. Released in 2023, the ad captures the essence of nostalgia, featuring an arcade game that takes viewers back to the 80s.The ad begins with a ma...

Progressive Motorcycle TV Spot, 'Flo Rides' created for Progressive
1147 February 16, 2014

The Progressive Motorcycle TV spot, 'Flo Rides' is a fun and engaging advertisement that showcases the insurance company's motorcycle coverage. The spot features the company's iconic spokesperson, Flo, who takes viewers on a high-speed ride through the streets on her motorcycle.The advertisement beg...

Progressive Motorcyle TV Spot, 'Super Diner' created for Progressive
962 May 10, 2015

Progressive Motorcycle's TV Spot, 'Super Diner' is a creative and engaging advertisement that showcases the brand's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. The commercial features a group of bikers riding to a diner, and upon arrival, they are greeted by a server who happens to be a m...

Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'After School Special Too' created for Progressive
840 June 26, 2016

Title: "After School Special Too: Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot": Welcome back to high school, where anything can happen.: Meet Tim, the star of our story. He's got a problem.: He's an outcast, constantly subjected to bullying, and struggling to keep up with his schoolwork.: Today is the...

Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'Black and White' created for Progressive
461 October 4, 2015

The Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'Black and White' is a creative and visually stunning advertisement that aims to promote the company's innovative price negotiation tool. The ad stands out for its use of black and white imagery, which creates a sense of contrast and depth, helping to hi...

Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'Empowered' created for Progressive
606 December 30, 2012

The Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'Empowered' is a commercial that brings to life the power of name your price tool. The advertisement features a woman who is aspiring to be an artist but is struggling to make ends meet. As she walks down the street, she notices a picture of an artist wh...

Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'Superhouse' created for Progressive
958 August 25, 2013

The Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'Superhouse,' is a clever and humorous advertisement that promotes the benefits of using Progressive's innovative insurance policy. The commercial opens with a woman standing outside her home, admiring its large size and luxurious features. She then intr...

Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'Swag' created for Progressive
1040 July 8, 2015

Title: Progressive Name Your Price Tool TV Spot, 'Swag'INT. LIVING ROOM - DAYA young couple, JASON (30s) and LISA (30s), are sitting on their cozy couch, flipping through TV channels. They suddenly pause when a catchy jingle starts playing, followed by an upbeat voiceover.VOICEOVER (V.O.)Are you tir...

Progressive Small-Business Insurance TV Spot, 'Good Morning' created for Progressive
511 November 4, 2019

Title: "Good Morning: A Progressive Small-Business Insurance TV Spot"Introduction:In the bustling world of small businesses, every day is a new opportunity for growth, success, and unexpected challenges. With that in mind, Progressive Small-Business Insurance presents their latest TV spot, "Good Mor...

Progressive Snapshot TV Spot, 'Daily Routine' created for Progressive
618 April 7, 2015

Title: Progressive Snapshot TV Spot, 'Daily Routine'Introduction:The Progressive Snapshot TV spot titled 'Daily Routine' takes viewers on a humorous and relatable journey through the daily lives of various individuals, highlighting the benefits and simplicity of using Progressive's Snapshot program....

Progressive Snapshot TV Spot, 'Peer Pressure' created for Progressive
601 January 20, 2013

Title: Peer Pressure: A Progressive Snapshot TV Spot: "Introducing the latest Progressive Snapshot TV spot: 'Peer Pressure'": "Meet Emily, a smart and savvy young driver who knows the value of safe driving.": "Word about the Snapshot program spreads fast, but Emily isn't easily swayed.": "She unders...

Progressive Snapshot TV Spot, 'Rate Suckers' created for Progressive
805 April 7, 2013

Title: Progressive Snapshot TV Spot, 'Rate Suckers'Intro:In the vast landscape of insurance advertisements, Progressive stands out with its captivating and often humorous commercials. One such TV spot titled "Rate Suckers" showcases the company's innovative product called Snapshot. This commercial,...

Progressive Snapshot TV Spot, 'The Safeys' Featuring Alfonso Ribeiro created for Progressive
806 April 14, 2018

In the Progressive Snapshot TV spot, 'The Safeys', actor Alfonso Ribeiro takes center stage as he hosts an award show celebrating the safest drivers.The commercial begins with Ribeiro walking out onto a red carpet and announcing that "it's time to honor the safe drivers." At first, the audience seem...

Progressive Snapshot TV Spot, 'The Turns We Take: Ending 3' Ft. Susan Lucci created for Progressive
1079 May 2, 2017

Title: Progressive Snapshot TV Spot, 'The Turns We Take: Ending 3' Ft. Susan LucciIntroduction:In a thrilling twist that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, the Progressive Snapshot television spot, titled 'The Turns We Take: Ending 3', features the iconic Susan Lucci. This engaging commercial...

Progressive Super Bowl 2020 TV Spot, 'Portabella's' created for Progressive
586 February 1, 2020

The Progressive Super Bowl 2020 TV Spot, 'Portabella's' was a delightfully quirky and humorous commercial that left a lasting impression on those who watched it. The spot starred a group of talking mushrooms, who called themselves the "Portabella's," and followed their journey to find a new home aft...

Progressive TV Commercial 'RV Bundling' created for Progressive
472 August 4, 2013

The Progressive TV Commercial 'RV Bundling' is a clever and creative advertisement that highlights the benefits of bundling your insurance policies with Progressive. The commercial features a couple driving their RV down the highway, with the husband expressing his frustration with their current ins...

Progressive TV Commercial 'The Box' created for Progressive
727 December 2, 2012

The Progressive TV commercial known as 'The Box' is a clever and entertaining ad that has captured the attention of many viewers. The commercial features a quirky character by the name of Jim, who is tasked with providing car insurance quotes to callers from a small, white box. The box, which is lab...

Progressive TV Commercial Featuring Michael Buffer created for Progressive
739 March 31, 2013

In recent years, Progressive Insurance has become known for their wacky and creative advertising campaigns. One of their most memorable commercials features legendary announcer Michael Buffer.In the commercial, a group of friends are driving in their car, discussing how much they love the famous phr...

Progressive TV Commercial For Commercial Auto Featuring Flo created for Progressive
834 August 7, 2012

Title: "Road to Success: Flo's Progressive Commercial Auto Adventure"Introduction:In this captivating TV commercial for Progressive, the quirky and lovable character Flo takes on a new role as she embarks on an exciting adventure promoting commercial auto insurance. With her infectious energy and wi...

Progressive TV Commercial For Direct Rate Comparison No Mas Pantalones created for Progressive
724 July 22, 2012

Progressive has always been known for its innovative and captivating TV commercials that grab the attention of viewers. One of their most memorable commercials features the "No Mas Pantalones" campaign, which promotes their direct rate comparison tool.The commercial starts with a man standing in fro...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Action Flo' created for Progressive
377 May 10, 2015

Progressive TV Spot, 'Action Flo': A Burst of Energy and ExcitementIn the vibrant and ever-evolving world of insurance commercials, Progressive Insurance has once again captured the attention of viewers with their latest television spot titled 'Action Flo.' This memorable and action-packed advertise...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Another Day at the Office' created for Progressive
998 August 4, 2018

Progressive TV Spot, 'Another Day at the Office' is a humorous advertisement created by the Progressive Corporation, an American insurance company. The commercial was first aired in 2019 and has since become popular due to its witty and lighthearted tone.The advertisement starts with a woman named M...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Any Way You Float' created for Progressive
634 March 19, 2023

Progressive TV Spot titled 'Any Way You Float' features a family floating down a lazy river on various inflatable floaties, while the brand's spokesperson, Flo, introduces the benefits of Progressive's Home and Auto Insurance bundle. The TV spot begins with a family of five sporting curious expressi...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Automatic Discounts' created for Progressive
644 July 14, 2013

Progressive has released a new TV spot titled 'Automatic Discounts' that showcases how easy it is for customers to get discounts on their car insurance. The ad features a couple sitting in their car discussing their car insurance when they suddenly hear a loud voice from the car radio, which announc...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Babyman 2' created for Progressive
692 July 7, 2019

Progressive TV Spot, 'Babyman 2' is a humorous advertisement created by the Progressive car insurance company. The commercial stars a character known as Babyman, who is a fully grown man with a baby's face and voice. The ad showcases the character's day-to-day life and how he navigates through it us...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Bake Sale' created for Progressive
416 January 19, 2014

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'Bake Sale'Introduction:In the world of advertising, some commercials come and go without leaving a lasting impression. But every now and then, an advertisement comes along that captures the attention of viewers and becomes a memorable part of popular culture. One such co...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Baker Mayfield Mows His Lawn' created for Progressive
559 September 7, 2019

Title: Baker Mayfield Mows His Lawn: A Progressive TV SpotIntroduction:In the world of television commercials, creativity knows no bounds. One such innovative spot that caught the attention of many viewers was the Progressive TV Spot titled 'Baker Mayfield Mows His Lawn.' This unique advertisement s...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Baker Mayfield vs The Circuit Breaker' created for Progressive
572 September 4, 2019

Progressive is a well-known insurance company that has been capturing the attention of TV audiences with its creative and entertaining commercials. One of their most popular commercials is the 'Baker Mayfield vs The Circuit Breaker' ad, which has been generating buzz among sports and comedy fans ali...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Box's B-Side' created for Progressive
1067 February 7, 2016

The Progressive TV Spot titled "Box's B-Side" features a catchy jingle that captures the attention of viewers and leaves a lasting impression. The commercial begins with a bright and colorful animated world, featuring a pink box with a pair of eyes, grooving along to a lively beat.As the jingle kick...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Break From Work' created for Progressive
961 March 14, 2021

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'Break From Work'Introduction:In the fast-paced world we live in, it's no surprise that many of us find ourselves drowning in work, constantly striving for success. We often forget to take a step back and give ourselves a much-needed break. This is where Progressive Insur...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Career Day' created for Progressive
1126 January 22, 2017

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'Career Day': A Humorous Twist on a Childhood FantasyIntroduction:The Progressive TV Spot, 'Career Day,' takes viewers on a hilarious and unexpected journey through the aspirations of children as they imagine their future careers. This ad, produced by the popular insuranc...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Castle' created for Progressive
526 October 1, 2012

Progressive TV Spot "Castle" is an advertisement that features Flo, the insurance company's fictional spokesperson, and her sidekick Jamie in a medieval-themed world. The spot starts with Flo and Jamie riding in the carriage when they suddenly find themselves in front of an enormous castle.As they e...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Choices' created for Progressive
360 September 11, 2012

Title: Choices - A Thought-Provoking Progressive TV SpotIntroduction:The Progressive TV Spot, titled 'Choices,' is a captivating and thought-provoking advertisement that encourages viewers to consider the consequences of their decisions. This imaginative and visually stunning commercial takes a uniq...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Comedy Central' Featuring Brian Regan created for Progressive
1101 September 25, 2015

The Progressive TV spot, titled 'Comedy Central,' featuring Brian Regan is a humorous and light-hearted commercial that aims to promote Progressive’s insurance services. The ad opens with Brian Regan, a well-known comedian, showcasing his comical talent on the Comedy Central stage, telling jokes, an...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Coming of Age' created for Progressive
1175 August 7, 2022

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'Coming of Age'Introduction:Progressive Insurance is well-known for its creative and often humorous television advertisements. One memorable spot that caught the attention of viewers was the 'Coming of Age' commercial. This ad showcased the insurer's commitment to providi...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Cycling Is My Passion' created for Progressive
711 March 21, 2018

Title: Cycling Is My Passion: A Progressive TV SpotIntroduction:In the world of advertising, it's crucial to capture the attention of viewers and leave a lasting impression. Progressive Insurance, known for their witty and engaging commercials, has never shied away from showcasing diverse passions a...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Daddeostasis' created for Progressive
993 November 21, 2016

Progressive TV Spot 'Daddeostasis' is a funny advertisement that emphasizes the importance of having a good dad. In the commercial, a father is seen carrying out the daily routines of his life in a robotic manner. From his work to his family duties, everything seems mundane and monotonous. At the en...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Discount Boy Band' created for Progressive
797 February 11, 2016

The Progressive TV Spot titled 'Discount Boy Band' is a fun and creative advertisement that showcases the company's commitment to providing affordable insurance coverage. The commercial features a boy band made up of members who embody classic boy band stereotypes, such as the bad boy, the heartthro...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Doppeldinner' created for Progressive
888 October 25, 2017

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'Doppeldinner'Introduction:The Progressive TV Spot, 'Doppeldinner,' is an engaging and humorous commercial that showcases the imaginative world of the insurance company. In this spot, Progressive introduces viewers to a unique and entertaining concept of having "doppelgän...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Dr. Rick: Beyond Help' created for Progressive
632 March 7, 2022

The Progressive TV spot, 'Dr. Rick: Beyond Help,' is a hilarious and entertaining commercial advertisement that features a hapless and clueless insurance agent named Dr. Rick who is portrayed as being 'beyond help' when it comes to understanding the insurance company's policy. In the ad, Dr. Rick is...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Dr. Rick: Group Outing' created for Progressive
1149 July 19, 2020

The Progressive TV Spot featuring Dr. Rick takes us on a chaotic and hilarious group outing. The ad starts with a group of strangers boarding a bus, excited about their upcoming adventure. As they take off, they begin to realize that they are in for a wild ride.The spot is centered around Dr. Rick,...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Dr. Rick: Methods' created for Progressive
936 December 30, 2020

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Dr. Rick: Methods' is an entertaining and captivating commercial that showcases the brand's unique approach to customer service. Dr. Rick, a fictional Progressive employee with a Ph.D. in customer service, is the star of the commercial. He shares his methods for providing e...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Dr. Rick: Pillows' created for Progressive
574 April 12, 2020

The Progressive TV Spot featuring "Dr. Rick: Pillows" is a hilarious commercial aimed at promoting the benefits of bundling home and auto insurance. The commercial begins with a couple sleeping soundly in their bed, when suddenly, Dr. Rick (played by Bill Glass) bursts into their bedroom, brandishin...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Excited' created for Progressive
967 June 17, 2018

Progressive TV Spot, 'Excited' is a fun and engaging commercial that highlights the excitement that comes with getting insurance from Progressive. The ad features a woman named Mara, who is shown dancing around her living room as she talks about how excited she is to have found the perfect insurance...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Exclusive Marshawn Lynch Interview With Kenny Mayne' created for Progressive
875 January 26, 2015

Title: Progressive TV Spot: Exclusive Marshawn Lynch Interview With Kenny MayneIntroduction:In a bold and captivating TV spot, Progressive brings together two iconic figures in their respective fields - the legendary Marshawn Lynch, former NFL running back known for his unstoppable on-field presence...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Experts' created for Progressive
440 January 7, 2018

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Experts,' is a commercial that showcases the company's commitment to providing expert service to their customers. The ad features various "experts" who specialize in different areas, such as a mechanic, a chef, and a veterinarian.The commercial begins with a series of shots...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Falling Motorcycles' created for Progressive
695 September 18, 2012

The Progressive TV spot, 'Falling Motorcycles' is a witty and humorous advertisement that aims to demonstrate the importance of motorcycle insurance. The TV spot features a series of comical scenarios in which motorcycles fall over, causing damage and chaos.The ad begins with a man attempting to par...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Family Photo: Same Difference' created for Progressive
598 May 14, 2023

The Progressive TV spot, 'Family Photo: Same Difference' features a diverse representation of families taking a group photo. The overlapping dialogue highlights the different family dynamics, and how despite their differences, they all have one thing in common - they're all proud members of Progress...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Family Photo' created for Progressive
510 April 9, 2023

In the Progressive TV spot 'Family Photo', a family gathers together for a photo, with each member smiling and posing. However, as the photo is about to be taken, chaos ensues as a mischievous raccoon sneaks into the shot, causing the family to jump and scramble in surprise.The ad is part of the "Bu...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Flo Meets The Addams Family' created for Progressive
646 September 5, 2021

In this Progressive TV spot titled 'Flo Meets The Addams Family', we are introduced to the quintessentially creepy and kooky family as they welcome the always bubbly and optimistic insurance agent, Flo. The commercial begins with the family's iconic hand, known as "Thing", ringing the doorbell to th...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Flo's Family: Fampling' created for Progressive
1184 April 10, 2016

In the land of advertising, where humor and creativity know no boundaries, there exists a TV spot that has captured the hearts and minds of viewers far and wide. This marvelous creation is none other than the Progressive TV Spot titled 'Flo's Family: Fampling'.In this whimsical and imaginative comme...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Flo's Family: Park Ranger Mark' created for Progressive
775 February 29, 2016

Title: Flo's Family: Park Ranger MarkIntroduction:In this Progressive TV spot titled "Flo's Family: Park Ranger Mark," the beloved character Flo and her family embark on an unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors. This engaging commercial showcases the humorous and relatable dynamics within Fl...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Flocus Group' created for Progressive
1075 May 5, 2019

Progressive TV Spot, 'Flocus Group' is an advertisement that features the insurance company's popular spokesperson, Flo, and her team conducting a focus group with some potential customers. The focus group comprises people from various backgrounds and age groups, who are asked to share their opinion...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Flotection' created for Progressive
876 April 24, 2016

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'Flotection'Introduction:In the ever-competitive world of insurance advertising, one brand has consistently managed to captivate audiences with their creative and humorous commercials - Progressive. Known for their witty and imaginative campaigns, Progressive's TV spot ti...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Fluent in Insurance' created for Progressive
590 September 30, 2018

The Progressive TV Spot titled 'Fluent in Insurance' is a commercial that is designed to showcase the extensive knowledge and experience that the company has in the insurance industry. The ad stars the popular spokesperson, Flo, who takes on the role of a language teacher. In the commercial, she tea...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Game Show Gary' created for Progressive
726 June 3, 2018

Progressive TV Spot, 'Game Show Gary' is a clever and entertaining advertisement for the Progressive insurance company. The ad features a character named Game Show Gary, who is hosting a game show in which contestants try to guess what's in the box.In the ad, the contestants are offered the chance t...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Giddy Up' created for Progressive
974 March 8, 2015

"Giddy Up!" is a television commercial that is part of Progressive's car insurance campaign. The ad features the popular Progressive Insurance spokeswoman, Flo, as she rides on a motorcycle with her colleague, Jamie.As the two colleagues ride their motorcycle on the open road, they come across a gro...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Gravity Reversal Board' created for Progressive
567 September 17, 2012

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Gravity Reversal Board' is a commercial that showcases the insurance company's ability to protect customers in unexpected situations. The commercial opens with a teenage boy skateboarding on a Gravity Reversal Board, a futuristic device that allows him to defy gravity. As h...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Group Session' created for Progressive
709 October 26, 2017

The Progressive TV spot 'Group Session' opens with a scene featuring a group of people sitting in a therapy session with their therapist. The group appears tense, anxious, and on edge. The therapist begins the session by asking each member in the group to talk about something that's bothering them.A...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Guys Night Out' created for Progressive
557 August 19, 2018

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Guys Night Out' is a popular commercial that features a group of guys enjoying a night out on the town. The commercial begins with the guys walking into a bar, where they are greeted by a friendly bartender. The bartender takes their orders and the guys settle in to enjoy t...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Hand Puppet' created for Progressive
830 October 19, 2014

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Hand Puppet' is a comedic advertisement that features a man named Dale attempting to explain his car insurance predicament to his hand puppet, which is supposed to represent a customer service representative.The spot starts as Dale sits in his car and begins to explain how...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Hazmats' created for Progressive
832 June 1, 2014

Progressive TV Spot 'Hazmats' is an entertaining and memorable advertisement aimed at promoting Progressive Insurance's services. The ad opens up to a group of men in hazmat suits entering a house, ready to tackle a major cleaning job.As they begin to remove the hazardous waste from the house, one o...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Here at Progressive' created for Progressive
916 May 14, 2023

Title: Progressive TV Spot: Here at ProgressiveIntroduction:In the ever-evolving world of insurance, one company stands out for its innovative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction: Progressive. With its catchy jingle and memorable TV spots, Progressive has become a household name in the...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Heroes' created for Progressive
910 May 18, 2016

The Progressive TV Spot, "Heroes," is a heartwarming advertisement that seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the everyday heroes in our lives. The advertisement features real-life heroes, including firefighters, teachers, and healthcare workers, who work tirelessly in their jobs to make our communitie...

Progressive TV Spot, 'High Council' created for Progressive
1010 January 5, 2018

Progressive TV spot "High Council" is a humorous commercial that takes a satirical approach to the concept of a high council being responsible for deciding important matters. The commercial features a group of people dressed in robes sitting around a table, discussing what to do with a customer's cl...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Interruptions' created for Progressive
457 April 23, 2023

Introducing the Progressive TV spot, "Interruptions" - a commercial that challenges the conventional concept of interruptions and takes a refreshing and humorous spin on them.The ad opens with a bustling office environment, where Flo, the iconic Progressive spokesperson, is seen assisting a customer...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Jamie's 40th' created for Progressive
1167 December 31, 2018

Progressive TV Spot, 'Jamie's 40th' is a commercial that features Jamie, a fictional character who reflects on his life after turning 40. The ad begins with Jamie holding a cake with 40 candles on it, surrounded by his family and friends who yell, "surprise!" as he walks in. Jamie can't believe he i...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Jamie's Twin' created for Progressive
547 September 24, 2017

The Progressive TV Spot called 'Jamie's Twin' is a humorous and clever advertisement that features the popular character Jaime, who is known for her energetic and outgoing personality. The commercial begins with Jamie introducing her twin sister, who is her complete opposite in temperament and chara...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Jar' created for Progressive
1035 May 3, 2015

Progressive TV Spot, 'Jar' is a witty and humorous advertisement that showcases the brand's dedication to providing customers with quality insurance coverage. In the commercial, a couple's 'uncle' gives them a jar that he says contains their savings account. The couple is initially excited about the...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Kool-Aid Man' created for Progressive
640 May 8, 2016

In the realm of advertising, there are certain personalities that have become iconic symbols of their respective brands. One such character is the Kool-Aid Man, a larger-than-life pitcher who bursts through walls with his infectious enthusiasm for the fruity beverage. In a clever collaboration, the...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Look! Famous People' created for Progressive
598 August 21, 2016

Progressive TV Spot, 'Look! Famous People' is a popular commercial that features various famous celebrities and personalities. The commercial showcases how the insurance company offers customized coverage to fit the unique needs of its customers. The commercial starts with a series of famous people...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Maid for Us' created for Progressive
770 March 17, 2019

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'Maid for Us'Introduction:In the realm of creative advertising, Progressive Insurance has never shied away from delivering entertaining and memorable commercials. One such spot that exemplifies their innovative approach is titled 'Maid for Us.' This 30-second TV commercia...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Mara's Parents' created for Progressive
1129 February 5, 2023

Title: Mara's Parents - A Heartwarming Progressive TV SpotIntroduction:In the realm of television advertisements, a Progressive TV spot titled "Mara's Parents" stands out as a heartwarming and engaging piece of storytelling. The spot follows the journey of Mara's parents as they navigate the challen...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Mommeostasis' created for Progressive
1170 November 20, 2016

Title: "Mommeostasis: A Heartwarming Progressive TV Spot"Note: The following is a fictional synopsis of a Progressive TV spot titled "Mommeostasis."---In the bustling suburban home of the Johnson family, chaos reigns supreme. Toys are scattered across the living room floor, dirty dishes pile up in t...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Monster To-Do' created for Progressive
456 March 27, 2023

Progressive TV Spot, 'Monster To-Do' is a television commercial that features a cartoon monster named Bob who has a massive to-do list. Bob, who represents the daunting tasks that everyday life presents, chases after a couple who has chosen Progressive insurance and is now experiencing relief from l...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Motaur: Do You Mind' created for Progressive
789 May 5, 2019

The Progressive TV spot, 'Motaur: Do You Mind' features a half-man, half-motorcycle creature known as the Motaur, who surprises a young couple on a secluded road.The ad starts with the Motaur cruising on a deserted country road when he comes across a young couple who are lost and confused. The coupl...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Motaur: Herd' created for Progressive
714 May 17, 2020

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'Motaur: Herd' - Embracing IndividualityIntroduction:Progressive Insurance has captivated audiences with its creative and relatable TV spots featuring the iconic character known as the Motaur. The Motaur, a fusion of a motorcyclist and a centaur, wows viewers with his uni...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Motaur: Wishes' created for Progressive
432 May 5, 2019

The Progressive TV Spot 'Motaur: Wishes' features a unique and innovative character named the "Motaur," a half-man, half-motorcycle creature who wants insurance that is tailored specifically to his unique lifestyle. The commercial opens with the Motaur looking up at the night sky and blowing out a b...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Motorcycle Heaven' created for Progressive
942 March 31, 2013

Title: Motorcycle Heaven - A Progressive TV SpotIntroduction:In this Progressive TV spot titled 'Motorcycle Heaven,' the insurance company takes us on an exciting and imaginative journey into the great beyond for motorcycle enthusiasts. As we explore this unique realm, we witness a convergence of bi...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Motorcycle Misunderstanding' created for Progressive
1184 January 1, 2017

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Motorcycle Misunderstanding' is a humorous advertisement that highlights the importance of clear communication in a relationship. In the ad, a man is seen riding his motorcycle with his female partner riding behind him. As they ride, the woman tries to communicate something...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Moving Truck' created for Progressive
1186 April 16, 2017

The Progressive TV Spot titled 'Moving Truck' is a witty and engaging advertisement that showcases the company's commitment to providing customers with reliable and convenient insurance solutions. The ad shows a couple moving into their new home, with the help of a large moving truck that is emblazo...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Official Insurance of Ghostbusters' created for Progressive
776 June 18, 2016

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Official Insurance of Ghostbusters' is a clever and humorous commercial that ties in with the Ghostbusters franchise. The commercial starts with a shot of a building with the iconic Ghostbusters logo on it. We then see the Ghostbusters van driving down a busy street. Sudden...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Overpass' created for Progressive
988 July 22, 2018

Progressive TV Spot, 'Overpass' is a creative and engaging TV ad that tells a story about the importance of being prepared and protected in case of unforeseen events. The commercial starts with a married couple driving their car on an overpass. Suddenly, a massive gust of wind lifts their car off th...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Perfect Pairings' created for Progressive
1060 January 14, 2014

The Progressive TV Spot 'Perfect Pairings' is a light-hearted and comical advertisement that showcases various well-known duos that complement each other perfectly, just like the combination of home and auto insurance from Progressive.The advertisement starts with a simple question from a Progressiv...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Primetime' created for Progressive
483 May 23, 2021

Title: Primetime - A Progressive TV Spot: "In a world where life is unpredictable, Progressive Insurance is here to protect what matters most.": "Introducing Primetime, brought to you by Progressive Insurance.": "With Primetime, Progressive Insurance helps you navigate the unexpected twists and turn...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Progressive Park' created for Progressive
1014 August 18, 2019

Title: Progressive Park: A Journey to Insurance EnlightenmentIn a world where insurance can often feel like an overwhelming labyrinth, Progressive insurance company takes a bold step to simplify it all with their new TV spot, 'Progressive Park'. This innovative advertisement transports viewers to an...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Rumble' created for Progressive
780 May 18, 2014

Title: "Rumble: The Progressive TV Spot That Rocks Your World"Introduction:In the world of TV advertising, there are certain commercials that leave a lasting impact on viewers' minds. One such unforgettable TV spot is Progressive Insurance's "Rumble". As an innovative and daring advertising campaign...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Sleeping Baby' created for Progressive
1192 December 31, 2021

Title: Progressive TV Spot: 'Sleeping Baby'Introduction:Progressive Insurance is known for its entertaining and memorable TV commercials, and one such spot that has captured the hearts of viewers is the famous 'Sleeping Baby' ad. With a blend of humor and relatability, this commercial showcases Prog...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Snapshot Testimonials' created for Progressive
921 August 16, 2012

Title: Snapshot Testimonials: Unveiling Progressive's Extraordinary ImpactIntroduction: In the world of insurance, Progressive stands tall as a pioneer in innovation and exceptional customer experiences. The company's commitment to nurturing relationships with its customers is brilliantly showcased...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Strange' created for Progressive
1015 March 31, 2019

Title: Progressive TV Spot: 'Strange'Introduction:Progressive Insurance is known for its memorable and often quirky television commercials that aim to entertain and engage viewers. One such spot, aptly titled 'Strange,' takes viewers on a whimsical and unexpected journey. With a touch of humor and a...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Super Man Cave' created for Progressive
508 May 14, 2017

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Super Man Cave' is a commercial advertisement that showcases the savings one can avail through Progressive's home insurance policies. The ad features a man, Greg, boasting about his super-cool "man-cave" which is filled with all the latest gadgets and fancy equipment. He wa...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Superport' created for Progressive
1009 June 1, 2014

Title: Progressive TV Spot: SuperportIntroduction:In the world of insurance commercials, Progressive has been known for its hilarious and entertaining advertisements. One particular TV spot that caught the attention of viewers was the Progressive TV Spot titled 'Superport.' This whimsical and creati...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Tagalongs' created for Progressive
909 March 2, 2014

Title: Progressive TV Spot Review: 'Tagalongs'Introduction:In the world of insurance commercials, Progressive has made a name for itself with its entertaining and memorable ads. One of their standout TV spots is the charming and hilarious 'Tagalongs' commercial. This particular ad showcases Progress...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Talk Show' Featuring Maury Povich created for Progressive
778 February 8, 2015

The Progressive TV spot entitled 'Talk Show' featuring Maury Povich follows the classic format of a daytime talk show. The scene opens with Povich standing on stage, introducing his guest, who is none other than Flo, the iconic face of Progressive insurance.The show's theme is 'problems that humans...

Progressive TV Spot, 'That's It' Song by Onyx created for Progressive
688 February 26, 2023

Title: Progressive TV Spot: "That's It" - Song by OnyxIntroduction:In the world of advertising, a catchy jingle or a memorable song can make all the difference in capturing the attention of viewers. Progressive Insurance is no stranger to this concept, and their TV spot titled "That's It" featuring...

Progressive TV Spot, 'The Birds & The Bundles' created for Progressive
832 June 1, 2014

Title: Progressive TV Spot: "The Birds & The Bundles"Introduction:In the ever-evolving world of advertising, Progressive Insurance has always stood out with their unique and captivating commercials. One such TV spot that caught the attention of viewers is "The Birds & The Bundles." This creative ad...

Progressive TV Spot, 'The Closet' created for Progressive
1114 October 8, 2017

Progressive TV Spot, 'The Closet': A Journey to Bold Self-ExpressionIn a world where conformity often reigns, Progressive Insurance breaks free from the mold with their groundbreaking TV spot titled 'The Closet.' This thought-provoking commercial challenges societal norms, embraces individuality, an...

Progressive TV Spot, 'The Corning' created for Progressive
748 August 4, 2019

Progressive's TV spot 'The Corning' is a humorous and creative advertisement that tells the story of a family who just moved into a new house. As they unload their belongings, they come across a large ceramic vase - the Corning. The father, played by actor Jim Cashman, proceeds to struggle with carr...

Progressive TV Spot, 'The Other Side of the Rest Stop' created for Progressive
887 March 26, 2023

Progressive's TV Spot, 'The Other Side of the Rest Stop' highlights the importance of making the right choices while on the road. The commercial starts with a woman stopping at a rest stop to take a break from her long journey. She heads inside the restroom, only to find that the other side is strik...

Progressive TV Spot, 'TV Dad: Braces' Featuring Reginald VelJohnson created for Progressive
1106 January 15, 2023

Title: Progressive TV Spot, 'TV Dad: Braces' Featuring Reginald VelJohnsonIntroduction:In a heartwarming television commercial, insurance giant Progressive presents "TV Dad: Braces," a memorable ad featuring the beloved actor Reginald VelJohnson. With a perfect blend of humor, nostalgia, and relatab...

Progressive TV Spot, 'TV Dad: New Puppy' Featuring Reginald VelJohnson created for Progressive
306 January 29, 2023

TV Dad: New Puppy - A Heartwarming Progressive TV SpotIn a heartwarming and entertaining Progressive TV spot titled "TV Dad: New Puppy," viewers are introduced to the lovable TV dad character played by the renowned actor, Reginald VelJohnson. VelJohnson brings his signature charm and warmth to the r...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Vote for Flo' created for Progressive
1072 April 28, 2013

Title: Progressive TV Spot: Vote for FloIntroduction:The Progressive TV Spot, 'Vote for Flo,' is an engaging and humorous advertisement campaign featuring the iconic character Flo, played by comedian Stephanie Courtney. The campaign aims to encourage viewers to vote for Flo as their favorite insuran...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Wedding' created for Progressive
824 January 25, 2014

Title: Wedding BlissDescription:The Progressive TV spot titled 'Wedding' brings a touch of humor to a joyous occasion. The commercial opens with a picturesque outdoor wedding ceremony, where the serenity and love in the air are palpable. As the couple exchanges heartfelt vows, the unexpected happens...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Who Are Them?' created for Progressive
658 June 15, 2014

The Progressive TV Spot, 'Who Are Them?' is a commercial advertisement that was first aired in March 2021. The ad is centered on Demian, a cheerful but curious person who is seen in different social situations, asking random people intriguing questions such as "Who Are Them?".The ad starts with Demi...

Progressive TV Spot, 'Yoga Ratesucker' created for Progressive
494 May 5, 2013

Title: Yoga Ratesucker: A Progressive TV Spot That Bends the NormsIntroduction:In the dynamic world of television commercials, companies constantly strive to capture the attention of viewers with unique and memorable advertisements. Among the many brands that have made their mark, Progressive Insura...


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Progressive tv commercials

Arnold is a multinational corporation that specializes in a wide range of products such as consumer goods, electronics, and industrial equipment. It is headquartered in New York City and has operations in over 20 countries around the globe, employing over 100,000 people.Arnold has a long history of innovation, bringing new and exciting products to the market that transform the way people live and work. The company's focus on sustainability has al...

Progressive tv commercials
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Actors who starred in Progressive commercials

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Gavin Lewis photo
George Todd McLachlan photo
Gillian Vigman photo
Gracelin Wichlac photo
Grant Gordon photo
Greg Romero Wilson photo
Harrison White photo
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Ilana Becker photo
Ivan Allen photo
Jack Donner photo
Jack Stanton photo
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Jackie Fabulous photo
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Jake Renner photo
James Dunn photo
Jamison Webb photo
Jayce Dempsey photo
Jean St. James photo
Jennifer Candy photo
Jill Johnson photo
Jim Cashman photo
Jim Ounniyom photo
Joey Fatone photo
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Johnny Sneed photo
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Kimberly Condict photo
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Kiva Jump photo
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Lamorne Morris photo
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Lenny Jacobson photo
Leonard Jackson photo
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Michael Chieffo photo
Michael Marc Friedman photo
Michael McMillian photo
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Natalie Palamides photo
Nathan Caywood photo
Nathan Murray photo
Neil Barton photo
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Steve Berg photo
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Tim Halling photo
Tim Martin Gleason photo
Tom Ayers photo
Tom Parker photo
Tony Wilde photo
Tristan Byon photo
Wendy Johnson photo
Willie James Warren Jr photo

What kind of company is Progressive?

Progressive tv commercials

Progressive is an insurance company that offers a wide range of insurance services to individuals and businesses. Founded in 1937, Progressive has grown to become one of the largest and most recognizable insurance companies in the United States.

Insurance Coverage Options: Progressive provides coverage for various types of insurance, including auto, home, renters, motorcycle, boat, RV, and commercial insurance. They also offer specialty insurance products such as pet insurance and wedding insurance. Whether you are seeking insurance for your personal vehicles, property, or business, Progressive aims to provide comprehensive coverage to meet your needs.

Innovative Technology: One aspect that sets Progressive apart from other insurance companies is its focus on innovative technology. Progressive was one of the first insurance companies to introduce usage-based insurance programs, such as Snapshot, which uses telematics to track driving behavior and offer personalized rates based on individual driving habits. Additionally, Progressive has developed robust online platforms and mobile apps that allow customers to manage their policies, file claims, and receive customer support conveniently and efficiently.

Superior Customer Service: Progressive prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service. They offer 24/7 customer support through their website, mobile app, and phone. Progressive aims to make the insurance process as smooth and seamless as possible by providing customers with personalized assistance and guidance at every step. They have a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to addressing customer inquiries, assisting with claims, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Compare and Save: Another noteworthy feature of Progressive is their emphasis on providing customers with a streamlined and convenient way to compare insurance quotes. Through their website and online tools, customers can easily compare rates from multiple insurance companies, including Progressive, to find the best coverage at the most competitive price. This allows individuals to make informed decisions and potentially save money on their insurance policies.

Commitment to Social Responsibility: Progressive also demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility and community involvement. They support various initiatives related to environmental sustainability, education, and social justice. Progressive has implemented green business practices and has been recognized for their efforts in reducing their environmental impact.

Overall, Progressive is a reputable insurance company that offers a wide range of insurance coverage options, utilizes innovative technology, provides excellent customer service, and demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility. Whether you are in need of auto, home, or commercial insurance, Progressive strives to provide reliable and comprehensive coverage to protect what matters most to you.

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