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Advertisers of the Protect Your Bubble TV Spot, 'Fiddlesticks'

Protect Your Bubble TV commercial - Fiddlesticks
Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble is a company dedicated to providing comprehensive insurance and protection plans for individuals and families. Founded with the mission of safeguarding what matters most in life, P...

What the Protect Your Bubble TV commercial - Fiddlesticks is about.

Protect Your Bubble TV commercial - Fiddlesticks

Protect Your Bubble TV Spot, 'Fiddlesticks' is a commercial that encourages viewers to get insurance coverage for their gadgets and devices. The advertisement starts with an image of a man playing a tune called "Fiddlesticks" on his fiddle, which captures the attention of several passersby. Suddenly, the man trips and falls, causing his fiddle to break into pieces, much to his dismay.

The TV spot then transitions to scenes featuring various other unfortunate events, such as a woman dropping her smartphone in a toilet, and a man spilling coffee on his laptop. These incidents are meant to highlight how easily one's prized possessions can get damaged or destroyed. The commercial then urges viewers to consider Protect Your Bubble insurance.

The ad uses humor to keep the mood light, but its underlying message is clear - that accidents happen, and insurance can provide peace of mind by protecting the things that matter most. Protect Your Bubble's tagline, "Life happens. Be ready," reinforces this message, emphasizing the importance of preparedness in the face of the unexpected.

Overall, Protect Your Bubble TV Spot, 'Fiddlesticks' is an effective advertisement that cleverly combines humor and relatable scenarios to encourage viewers to take steps to protect their precious gadgets and devices.

Protect Your Bubble TV commercial - Fiddlesticks produced for Protect Your Bubble was first shown on television on September 1, 2015.


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Protect Your Bubble Rental Car Insurance
Protect Your Bubble Smartphone Protection Plan
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