What is Social TV?

“Social TV is any component of viewer interaction across any editorial or commercial airtime

How we have pioneered in the Social TV space

World 1st Social Dynamic Music TV Advert – (Ed Sheeran/Warner Music E4/C4 2014)
Gold Winner: Media Idea. Launch – Media Week Awards – 2015
World 1st Managed Live Global Broadcast Social Vote – (The Brit Awards 2014/2015)
World 1st Live Social Gamification TV Advert – (Years & Years/Warner Music 2015)
Europe’s 1st Social General Election – Creative consultancy – (ITV/ITN News 2015)
World 1st 360˚ Sponsored Social TV Campaign – (#GoalFace ITV Sport 2014)
World 1st In Studio Social Mosaic – (The Voice series 1 – BBC/Wall To Wall 2013)

Tom Bowers  CEO

Connect Four Productions are a niche consultancy specialising in Convergent Format & Viewer Engagement solutions in TV, we act as trusted advisors combining second screen technology, social media, viewer engagement and production editorial to create breakout Social TV innovation. We co-collaborate on conceptualising unique viewer engagement formats with social TV at the core as well as enhancing existing shows with viewer interaction.
We understand the importance of the future of TV and work with best of breed industry partners to streamline, innovate and deliver editorial and commercial case studies that move the industry forward into a new age of creativity

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